What We Do

Rimini Street was founded to disrupt and redefine the enterprise software support model by developing innovative new products and services that put client success first. By delivering unparalleled support and the most highly skilled engineering expertise available at a fraction of the cost, our clients receive the highest level of both value and customer service every day.

Our premium third-party support services enable clients to transition from a vendor-dictated to a business-driven roadmap. As a result, they are able to optimize existing enterprise software investments, extend current capabilities to leverage hybrid IT, and accelerate innovation by transforming their businesses into digital enterprises.

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Nearly 2,100

active clients are supported by Rimini Street worldwide

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Nearly $5B

Total client savings to date

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15 Minute

Response SLA for critical issues

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15 Years

Average experience of assigned engineers

Why Rimini Street

We take a fundamentally different approach to enterprise software support by emphasizing full service over self service. Enjoy the benefits of 24/7/365 access to a regionally based Primary Support Engineer that you know by name, who takes the time to understand your software landscape, your company goals and your most pressing challenges.

No more phone trees, nor one-size-fits-all, book-trained call center support to handle your business-critical support issues anymore.

50% Savings Is 100% Better

In addition to standard break-fix support at 50 percent of your current vendor costs, you can reap the benefits of services that can save additional time and money — at no extra cost, including:

  • Support for custom code
  • Release support for a minimum of 15 years
  • Configuration, performance, integration and interoperability support
  • Security advisory services
  • Strategic application planning, functionality mapping and enhancement analysis

Savings from all these areas adds up quickly. Rimini Street clients can save up to 90% on their total maintenance costs. Click to see how much you could be saving.

Our Clients

Our clients are breaking free from the status quo of less comprehensive support and a vendor-dictated roadmap. With Rimini Street, they are powering their Business-Driven roadmaps that to optimize costs, extend current solutions and accelerate their digital growth. Watch a recent interview with Rimini Street CEO, Seth Ravin, to learn how our clients have saved more than $5 billion to date — and we’re just getting started.

Nearly 2,100 active clients are supported by Rimini Street worldwide

“With Rimini Street, our EBS applications and Oracle Databases will be a solid and secure platform for our business needs moving forward, and a perfect fit for our strategy to optimize IT costs and better align IT to drive business innovation and competitive advantage.”

Neal Johnson, Director IT Service and Operations, House of Fraser

You Deserve More from a Support Program

What if you could liberate your resources to focus on higher-value initiatives and get beyond just keeping the lights on?

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Imagine time freed to focus on what your business really needs

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What if your teams could focus on revenue-generating projects?

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What if more of your budget could fund innovation?

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Innovation Agility
Meet your business and innovation needs now, not later