Deep Level Security for Oracle Applications and Middleware

Rimini Street Advanced Application and Middleware Security (AAMWS) delivers real-time Zero-Day vulnerability protection to safeguard Oracle Application and Middleware. Using an intelligent, instruction-based rules language that works at the "just-in-time" compiler of enterprise applications.  AAMWS remediates patterns of Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) found at the byte stream level, without application code changes. Unlike vendor patch methods that are often manual in application and can require regression testing, the solution provides extremely accurate precision pattern intelligence.


Rimini Street Advanced Application and Middleware Security helps extend the life of your Oracle enterprise software. It provides accurate, real-time protection against zero-day and common vulnerabilities, including vulnerabilities that would normally be addressed by Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPUs). Delivered by your Rimini Street Support Engineer (engineers have an average of 15 years of industry experience), this service eliminates the burden of manual patching, shrinks time-to-protection and can boost operational productivity.

Deep-Level Security with Zero-Day Protection for Oracle Application and Middleware Vulnerabilities
Remediate Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs)
Options for Java Interoperability through Containerization

Key Benefits

Improved Automation

  • Protect against both known and unknown vulnerabilities - including SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, remote code execution and Java object deserialization.

Protection for Older Releases

  • Address potential vulnerabilities with older releases that are no longer under support with Oracle. No need to perform upgrades to implement security fixes.

Easy to Deploy, Simple to Maintain

  • Improve operational productivity with no prerequisite code updates and no extensive regression testing or downtime on production systems.

Next-Generation Security Solution that Protects Oracle Applications and Middleware

Get deeper, address zero-day vulnerabilities which go beyond applying Oracle Security patches. This precision pattern intelligence identifies vulnerabilities and provides real-time processing. Consider this method as compared to vendor manual patch application methods.
Zero-Day vulnerability protection
Protects against both known and unknown vulnerabilities
Reducing false positives allows you to focus on real attacks
Rimini Street primary support engineer
Minimal performance impact on applications being protected across IT landscapes
Easy to deploy – no pre- or corequisite code updates, extensive regression tests or downtime required on production systems
Protection for all releases including older releases that are no longer on premier or extended support from Oracle