Integrated Application Management and Support Services

Rimini Street's Application Management Services (AMS) for Salesforce helps companies achieve greater value from their Salesforce investment, while simplifying and reducing the costs of ongoing operations and critical production support. Rimini Street's AMS for Salesforce clients are assigned a highly experienced Primary Support Engineer (PSE) with 15+ years of Salesforce experience, backed by a team of certified Salesforce experts including architects, administrators, developers and designers.


Rimini Street's experts augment your existing resources through the following services:

Responsive Application Services provide clients with unlimited use of an extensive Service Catalog of over 170 Salesforce administration, configuration, and data management services for a predictable subscription price.

Proactive Services are Rimini Street's recommendations to drive best practices, increase user adoption, retire technical debt, implement the latest and greatest from Salesforce release notes, and achieve better business outcomes from your Salesforce investments.

Critical Production Support provides clients with Rimini Street's award-winning support 24x7x365 with a <15 minute guaranteed response time for critical issues (P1), including coverage of any customizations and integrations.

Add-On Services provides clients with access to Rimini Street experts to assist with new Salesforce projects and additional development time as needed.

AMS for Salesforce Service Catalog

Predictable Subscription Price

Rimini Street offers a predictable, subscription-based price with no surprises, based on the number of active Salesforce users in your environment. This model is different from many other Salesforce partners who traditionally sell a “bucket of hours” or price based on number of tickets, time consumed, and with rates dependent on roles.

price per users month graph

The Rimini Street Difference

Partnership-Driven Model, Dedicated & Consistent Expertise, Greater Value at Less Cost
Traditional Salesforce Service Providers
Rimini Street AMS for Salesforce
Transactional & Complex Model
  • Multiple vendors rotated over time
  • Customer often left to self-support
  • Resources measured on tickets & hours
High-Touch Partnership-Driven Model
  • PSE with an average of 15 years of experience
    on the Salesforce platform, assigned to your company long term
  • 24x7x365 critical production support & SLAs
  • Resources measured and incentivized on client satisfaction
Inconsistent Quality
  • Different teams with unknown skills & varying experience
  • Junior, unskilled resources on front lines
  • Expensive resources on tactical work
Dedicated & Consistent Expertise
  • Highly skilled experts that master your Salesforce environment
  • >170 Service Catalog items to get more ROI
  • Experts with multiple skillsets to eliminate your backlog and drive value
Unpredictable Costs & Results
  • Billable hours and/or ticket-based model creates complexity managing costs
  • No incentive to proactively improve results or resolve issues
Greater Value at Less Cost
  • Single, predictable, subscription price, based on the number of active users in your Salesforce environment
  • Price per user decreases as additional users are added
  • Proactive guidance on best practices to maximize ROI and take advantage of the latest and greatest from Salesforce

Rimini Street Support Services for Salesforce


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